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The true Christian follows Christ's teachings, which mean a life of simplicity, service to others, tolerance and compassion.

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Here are some links to sites dealing with various areas of interest to true Christians. There are religious communities in the world that follow the spirit of Christ's teachings, even if they don't label themselves Christian. Many great minds throughout history have seen through the fallacies of the pseudo-Christians and the Bible-ists. And there are many organizations working in the world today to protect God's Earth and to foster the simple, spiritually-rooted, altruistic lifestyle that Jesus told us to live.

Open your heart and your mind. Dare to look beyond the self-serving propaganda of the power mongers and self-serving dogmatists that are so much of organized religions. Two great men from history, Leo Tolstoy and Thomas Jefferson, have dared to do just that. They saw through the fallacies of many of the so-called "Christian" denominations. There is much to be learned from Tolstoy and Jefferson. Enjoy the links below, as you search for the truth . . .

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