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The true Christian follows Christ's teachings, which mean a life of simplicity, service to others, tolerance and compassion.


Here are some thoughts to keep in mind . . .

The "Christian Right" is neither.

Religion should open your mind, not close your heart.

True Christians lead simple and nonmaterialistic lives.

True Christians care for God's Earth.

True Christians are environmentalists.

Jesus would have supported the Sierra Club.

And other brief truths . . .

Corporate America is the worst ecoterrorist.

Charlton Heston should have stayed where he belonged--
The Planet of the Apes.

Overpopulation is killing us.

One man's cult is another man's religion.

School shootings -- the NRA's school class size reduction plan?

Beware another Bush war for oil.

If you'd like to make bumper stickers proclaiming your beliefs as a true Christian (and feel free to use any of the above), here is a site that can tell you how to make your own bumper stickers:

Changing the Climate


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